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About Us

Poppies and Thyme is a boutique designer jewellery brand based on the East Coast of New Zealand...our piece of paradise! I’m a stay at home mum with a daughter that has a number of health issues and needs me to be around in case she is off school or needs to be picked up because she isn’t well.

We have no family nearby and our friends all have their own children that need looking after. So I needed to work this out, so I could be here for my gorgeous girl, like I want to.

So about 6mths ago I started making pendants and tested the local market. They were popular and my husband thought they needed to be taken to the world.

News Update! : We have a partner in The USA who can provide, handmade custom pendant necklaces.  

Check out the Initial Letter Designs

So the planning began, the notes were written and 6 months later here we are, about to launch my designer jewellery to the world! It’s exciting and scary in the same breathe. I love creating, I always have...it’s in my blood, it’s who I am, it’s my passion! Now my unique creations are going out to the world and my hope is that my jewellery resonates with you as much as it does with me... I want this to be about a mum, taking a step, making someone’s day better by finishing off their outfit as they leave the house for the day!
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